Family Healthcare - Because your family comes first

We all know and agree that nothing is as important as family. Family is where we feel safe. It is our support system, our past, our present and our future – a place where it always feels good to come back to. We at Clalit assume responsibility for your family's health and we do so with love, professionalism and dedication.

For us your family is a whole

Your family practitioner is the only doctor who gets a full picture of you – not as a single customer, but as part of a family. As such, he has the ability to identify a specific problem, connect the symptoms to you and your family's present and suggest tests for the early detection of similar medical problems among family members.

Family healthcare is our specialty

All of Clalit's family practitioners complete a specialization course, which includes a year in internal medicine, half a year in pediatrics, 3 months in psychiatry and 4 and a half month of rotations in various departments such as OB-GYN, Orthopedics, Ear Nose & Throat, Ophthalmology, and more. This ensures long-term high quality and professional service for your entire family.

Professional consulting and guidance

As professionals who are familiar with your family's special needs and with the individual needs of each of its members, our family practitioners will also provide you with advice regarding various health issues and how to maintain a healthier lifestyle, with an emphasis on preventive medicine.

Moreover, the unique specialization of our family practitioners enables them to provide you with a wide range of effective solutions. Should your family doctor recommend you to consult with a specialist, he will make sure be refers you for a follow-up treatment accordingly.

Why? Because he knows you the best.

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