In case of a traffic or work related accident- we are here to provide you with the best medical service you deserve, aside from quick, caring and responsible treatment.

The directions brought here, explaining how to act in a case of an accident, are intended to assist you so we are able to provide you with the treatment you deserve, financial refunds or maybe even to prevent the possibility of any financial liability on your side.

Traffic Accidents - If you have been injured during a traffic accident, you are entitled to any medical treatment necessary from CLALIT, according to the services set by law. All you have to do in order to receive the services, is present the police permit, indicating the fact of the accident and the injury review, made by MADA or Emergency Ward staff members.

Work Related Accidents - An accident or a work related illness, including a work related traffic accident. In order to be acknowledged as a victim of a work related accident, the employee has to be acknowledged by the social security service - "BITUAH LEUMI". If you're acknowledged as a work related accident victim you will be entitled to an exemption from fees and taxes concerning work related accidents

In order to submit an appeal to the social security service you have to present, as soon as possible, the 250- form in the clinic office, which states the agreement of your employer to the fact of the work related accident.

For additional information, please contact the clinic which provides your medical services.

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