Geriatric Medical Center Beit Rivka was founded in 1957 by Clalit Health Services and the Disability Fund.

The hospital is named after the late Ms. Rebecca Novick. Ms. Novick was a social worker, chairman of WIZO, and the second city council member in Petah Tikva. Ms. Novick campaigned for social and welfare rights

The mission statement of Beit Rivka is: The provision of high standard professional medical treatment in order to optimally improve elderly patients' functioning and quality of life, while maintaining patient, family and staff (up most) satisfaction and staying within budgetary constraints. In short- “Longevity combined with quality of life”

Through professional expertise, a dedicated staff, advanced medical equipment and the cooperation of the patients' and their families ,it is our goal to ensure a quick return to optimal independent functioning, thus fulfilling the statement "your independence is our mission."

Beit Rivka is faculty affiliate with the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University and accredited by the Israeli Medical Association -Scientific Council as a primary site for training of residents in Geriatrics.

Beit Rivka comprises 300 beds which are assigned to 6 departments according to areas of specialization:

  • Neurological Rehabilitation predominantly post stroke
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation - post hip fracture, joint replacement and amputation of limbs
  • General supportive care, rehabilitation - post extended hospitalizations resulting in generalized deconditioning
  • Respiratory Rehabilitation and chronic mechanical ventilation - care of mechanically ventilated patients , our unit is known for its high rate of successful weaning from ventilators
  • Complex nursing departments
  • Department of outpatient rehabilitation

The rehabilitation treatments are carried out by a multidisciplinary team. The team accompanies the patient from the initial intake, through the rehabilitation process and final discharge back to the community. The multi-disciplinary team includes: Specialists in geriatric medicine, neurology and internal medicine, Nurses and aides, Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, dieticians, and speech therapists.

Additional services are available to the patient. They include medical specialists in: Ophthalmology, Ear Nose and throat, Dermatology, Orthopedics Radiology, psychiatry and more.

Medical Team and nursing staff in each department accompany the patients 24 hours a day and offer personal medical care.

The hospital is equipped with the up to date medical equipment for patient's use including:


  1. new treatment areas for the Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy-departments
  2. unique physical therapy fitness room which is an integral part of the rehabilitation process advanced mechanical ventilators
  3. Laboratory services operating 24 hours a day enabling real-time results
  4. X-ray Center
  5. Ultrasound devices

The hospital receives blood from the blood bank at Rabin Medical Center.

The hospital operates an electronic medical record. The electronic medical record enables data collection from initial hospitalization through discharge planning, medication distribution, and summaries from multidisciplinary team conferences

The Geriatric Medical Center Hospital Beit Rivka was the first geriatric hospital in Israel to receive international certification of quality and safety by JCI – Joint Commission International in 2012. The license has since been renewed in 2015.

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