• Requests to the clinic – for tests and prescription renewal.

Need to renew your prescription again? Need to visit your family doctor?
At Clalit Online, you may send requests from home directly to your clinic and it will be taken care of within 4 days.
If desired, you may collect the prescriptions directly from the pharmacy working with Clalit.

  • Personal medical recommendations tailored especially for you

We don’t always know which tests we must have in order to preserve our health.
At Clalit, you can receive personally tailored medical test recommendations, based on age, gender and health condition, all in clear, simple language.

  • View and print financial obligation forms (Form 17), view Clalit Mushlam debits and refunds.

Lost you Form 17? Never mind, Clalit allows you to reprint it anywhere and it’s valid even without a doctor’s signature.
Clalit centralizes all debits and refunds in one place, saves you time and helps you manage your health better and more conveniently.

  • View and print medical certificates and hospitalization summaries

Forgot where you left the forms? That’s what we’re here for.
View your medical certificates and hospitalization summaries in a few quick clicks.


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