"Beyt Dereh Haim" - The "LIFE STYLE HOUSE"

Your healthy lifestyle home. The first of its kind healthy lifestyle complex, which realizes into life our vision of a healthy lifestyle in Israel. The complex combines three worlds under one roof:

  • Proper nutrition - the Bariba restaurant with its healthy modern kitchen, slimming down workshops and personal diet consultants.
  • Physical exercise - a GYM for women, studio and classes (Pilates, Yoga, Belly dancing and more)
  • A variety of holistic treatments with a discount for CLALIT MUSHLAM customers, only 125 NIS for a full 50 minutes treatment (instead of 220 NIS). Swiss massage, deep tissue massage, naturopathy, reflexology, Shiatsu, hot stones (with additional 20 NIS)
  • A wide variety of workshops and lectures, such as positive thinking, guided imagery and more.

The line of products which promotes healthy and fun lifestyle

An innovative CLALIT initiative which purpose is to recommend a line of products that will encourage a healthy lifestyle. All the products are under the commercial sign "lifestyle".

The "lifestyle" products are incorporated in the CLALIT innovative approach - nurturing the preventive medicine and encouraging healthy lifestyle. All the products have passed the FDA approval and have been selected by CLALIT specialists including specialized doctors, dieticians, complementary medicine specialists and more.

The first line of products we recommend is vitamins and food additives manufactured by NBTY, one of the largest and leading manufacturers of vitamins in the United States. In order to facilitate your purchase of the products they are displayed in all CLALIT pharmacies and in selected private pharmacies, and are offered to you for cheaper prices than other similar products.

For additional information please dial *2700, from any phone

The LIFESTYLE house - A healthy life style within your reach

Tel Aviv port, 03-6044044

Nazareth, 04-6555959
Are you interested in finding out how to lead a healthier life?

Reliable information from multidisciplinary group of experts is waiting for you on the "LIFESTYLE" website. Thousand of content pages in 13 sections providing response for adolescents, children and grownups or making a long story short: for the whole family on issues of sports, nutrition, sex and relationships.

Any time is a good time to start the healthy lifestyle. How about now?

* Treatments' discount- up to 10 treatments a year, in compliance with the CLALIT MUSHLAM agreement, the rate may change.

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