Is it possible to send emails to my family physician?

On the new services site of Clalit, which will air gradually during 2011, the ability to correspond with family physicians and pediatricians about different topics is included as a valuable conception. This includes the transmission of prescription requests and the option to receive prescriptions for chronic diseases online. Our belief is that this system will significantly improve the service for you - and all of our customers.

What is the phone number of the customer service center?
The customer service center phone number is *2700

Is it possible to surf using different browsers?
The commonly used browsers allow you to surf in the Clalit site. However, while using version 8 of Internet explorer, the graphic quality is not optimal. The problem will be solved in the nearest future. Meanwhile, if any sort of a problem occurs, the easiest solution is to dial *2700 for our internet services technical support.

Is it possible to receive payments' information via email?
If you have already signed up to our billing service (coordinated billing by credit card), it will be possible to receive payments' information for which you have also been charged online, in the nearest future. During 2011 we will also add to our new services site the option to choose between the various options to receive charging information.

Is it possible to consult with someone who is not my family physician, a pediatrician or a specialized doctor who I've been referred to?
There is such an option and several ways to follow through:

  1. You can consult with each of our experts in the family health forum on the internet. There is no need for identification while entering the forum.
  2. You can consult with each of our experts through the "Expert queries" system. Enter the "expert queries" page, choose an expert or experts who you would like to consult with and ask him the questions of your choice. This service is only available for Clalit customers who possess a personal code and a password for "Clalit Online".
  3. You can also consult a certified nurse via the nurse center. Just dial *2700 and act follow the directions. The service is available 24/7, 365 days a year. The nurses are trained to detect emergency situations and are also certified to issue form 17 for immediate hospitalization, if the situation calls for it. The form is directly transmitted to the emergency room where the customer has been referred.
  4. You can also consult with specialized pediatricians through the online pediatricians' service, under the direction of Schneider experts (press here in order to allocate to the site). The consultation is provided via telephone or online video chat, during the evening and night hours, weekends and holidays, when the HMOs are closed. In order to video chat, please enter the Clalit site home page and choose the "Online pediatricians" option. For the telephone option simply dial *2700 and follow the instructions.

How can I restore or change my password for Clalit Online?
If you've forgotten your password it can be retraced on the site. Choose the link "I forgot my password" on the main page and follow the instructions.

Is it possible to view the system accessibly?
Yes. It is possible to view the link "enhanced negativity" or "strong negativity" on the upper menu of every page, in order to determine different levels of negativity. During each stage you can also return to the normal viewing of the site by pressing the "normal negativity" link. Furthermore, you can also control the font size by pressing the "enlarge letters" or "decrease letter size" option on the upper menu bar.

What kind of services will I be able to receive in the future?
During the year, a larger range of services will be available on the site. Among the various services, you will be able to find:

  • Receiving the copy of form 17 and other forms
  • The option to view the charges concerning yourself and the other members of your family.
  • The option to change the user name required for entering the system, which will considerably simplify the task of remembering it.
  • The option to add more than one email address to your personal details page.

What kind of operations will I be able to perform for members of my family?
Clalit allows you to perform various operations for yourself and your children under the condition that they have not turned 16 yet and are signed up to the site. The names of the listed children are viewed on the page to the system, above the blue menu bar. The attachment of the children to the father or the mother is performed automatically according to the updates that Clalit receives from the social security service. However, these updates are not flawless. In order to provide us with information about children who are not listed, please contact the clinic office and the administrative manager will assist you to perform the procedure.

What kind of medical test results can be found on the site?
On the Clalit internet site you can view the results of your blood, urine and feces tests. However, pregnancy tests, HIV virus tests and also other tests which might produce a more sensitive result are not displayed on the site. If a result of such a test is abnormal our doctors will personally contact the customer in order to make sure the appropriate treatment starts as soon as possible.

Is it possible to print and save my lab test results?
There is an option to print the results which are displayed on the site. In order to perform the operation, press the "print" button on the viewing page of the lab results. You can also save the file under PDF format by pressing the relevant link.

Is it possible to compare between tests which have been perfomed during different periods of time?
Yes. Under the title "tests" you will find the option to display your test results and you will also be able to view a graph or a comparison table for some of the results. The graph is optional for certain results.

I have scheduled a doctors' appointment, how can I update or cancel it?
Under the title "appointments" you can view your future appointments' details and update them if necessary.

What can I do if I want to schedule an appointment with a medical expert and there is no possibility to do so on the Clalit site?
Scheduling appointments with medical experts is a process maintained via the customer service center. Simply dial *2700 and schedule the required appointment.

Is it possible to schedule a blood test?
Yes. Under the title "appointments" you can also schedule an appointment for undertaking a blood test for you and other members of your family.

Is there an option to update personal details on the site?
Yes. Under the title "personal details" you can update your personal details at any given moment and thus spare your valuable time.

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