Rapidly changing medical needs call for a continuousinflux of specialized personnel and frequent retraining of the existing work force

To recruit the required staff and ensure a high level of professional competence, Clalit has undertaken its own teaching and training programs

All Clalit hospitals are affiliated with Israel’s universities and contribute to the training of the country’s doctors and nurses. In conjunction with the Tel Aviv University, Clalit helped establish the Tel Aviv University School of Dentistry, and at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev it helped found the Faculty of Health Sciences, which trains doctors and nurses with an emphasis on family medicine

Clalit operates nursing schools, runs X-ray schools and other technicians, and conducts courses to help immigrant doctors adjust to the medical standards in Israel. Clalit encourages doctors in the community clinics to keep abreast of modern medical developments. Once a week clinic doctors participate in organized continuous medical education (CME)

For every sector of its work force Clalit conducts in-service courses. Clinic and hospital personnel receive instruction in such matters as the staff role in health education and patient counseling. For supervisory personnel there are courses in public relations and management skills. Refreshment courses help technicians and equipment engineers keep up with the most recent developments in their fields

Special training courses are provided to physicians, nurses and others involved in the planning and delivery of medical services in developing countries, in cooperation with the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The courses focus on specific social and medical needs of both urban and rural areas, including courses for the operating room nurses, pediatric nurses, health education and preventive and curative medicine

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