It's so easy to move to Clalit it isn’t even necessary to visit the post office: Registration is on-line, all rights are maintained and close guidance is received. So, how can this be done smoothly and what is worth remembering when you move? The full guide

In Brief

  1. Contact a personal representative or visit the National Insurance Institute payment website from your PC or the NII smartphone application. Select Clalit, complete the personal information and confirm the move. A transfer form may also be completed at the post office.
  2. Before actually moving to Clalit, ask your present family clinic for a medical status summary and make sure to ask the clinic's medical secretary for a confirmation of how long the complementary insurance policy has been held.
  3. Continuation of the long term care (LTC) insurance is arranged by contacting the insurance company. Clalit representatives will be pleased to guide and direct you regarding all information of the move and selecting new medical services for you.

Every Israeli resident is entitled to health insurance at one of the HMOs by virtue of the National Health Law. However, what happens when we are dissatisfied with the medical service at the HMO we are insured with and want to move to Clalit? Once, it was complicated to move from one HMO to another. It involved bureaucracy, queuing at the post office and waiting to accumulate new insurance rights. Now it’s quick and easy: It's possible to register on-line, all our accumulated rights are preserved and full service may be received also in the transition period. Clalit, the largest, leading HMO in Israel, is pleased to provide a full guide of how to move to it easily and smoothly.

Every member can move to any HMO they wish once every six months. The move can be recorded every two months. The new HMO must accept the member without any filtering option due to age, medical condition or economic situation. It must also provide the member with all the medical care and rights accumulated in the previous HMO. The complementary insurance qualification periods accumulated in by the member in the previous HMO are transferred with the member to the new HMO, enabling the member to join the new HMO’s complementary insurance plan and enjoy the services immediately without any waiting period.

In practice, updating the move between HMOs has been shortened to six weeks only. However, there are still perceptive barriers in changing HMO, which are important to know in order to understand that that they are also something of the past: Many members are concerned, for example, that after registering for Clalit, this will become known to the current clinic employees and they will be exposed to hostile service and will not receive information or rights at the HMO they are moving to. For example, the current HMO will only be notified of the abandonment several days before the actual move and in any event, the law requires the HMO to provide the member with all the information and rights until the last moment.

So how do we move HMO?

All we must do to move is visit the National Insurance Institute website from any computer or through its smartphone application and complete the personal information required to move. In this website, it is also possible to monitor the precise date that your move will be updated.
To facilitate the move, Clalit offers new members the guidance of a personal representative until they join. Click here to complete a form to book a personal representative. The personal representative provides information about the rights, explains how to choose a clinic close to home, a family physician and a pediatrician, and recommends how to save on the different payments for medical services, such as dentistry, complementary medicine and even cosmetic therapy.

However, to make the move as smoothly as possible, it is worth being aware of the ends that must be tied from the application submission date until actually joining the new HMO.

The personal medical information, for example, is not transferred automatically to the new HMO. Therefore, it is advisable before the actual move to ask the family clinic for a medical information summary. There is no need for concern, this is a routine request provided free of charge for various consumers and not necessarily to move HMO. Naturally, if there is a chronic problem, it is preferable for the member to arrive with an updated summary that will allow continuity of care without any delays. A confirmation of how long the complementary insurance has been held must also be provided from the current HMO in order to transfer the rights. Even in this case, it is a routine application that many members submit, e.g.: to exercise various private medical insurance rights. The application is submitted to the branch secretariat.

A very important subject that must be paid attention to is LTC (long term care) insurance (if you do not have any, it is highly important to arrange, and the younger you are, the lower the premium, and the coverage is increased if necessary). LTC is the only insurance not transferred automatically with the member, because it is provided by external insurance companies. In these cases, the duration of the policy is extremely significant for both the elderly and young individuals, who encounter temporary or permanent long-term care situation. The solution is to continue the LTC coverage at the company that provided the service through the previous HMO. The insurance company must be contacted to arrange this issue actively.

It is naturally possible to join the LTC insurance plan offered by the new HMO, but take into consideration that the procedure involves medical underwriting and the member’s age is extremely important. This is due to the maximum coverage the members are entitled to in real time and the fact that usually the younger we are, the healthier we are and then the underwriting process is fast and easy. Customers joining Clalit receive close assistance with the process and are directed how to continue the LTC insurance.

Clalit is with you at all times

Clalit continues to guide its members even after joining and ensures a "soft landing" and attentive, available service at all times. Clalit is the country's longest standing, largest and leading HMO: It provides services to more than 4.2 million members with the widest deployment among the HMOs. Clalit owns 14 hospitals, some 1,400 clinics and hundreds of institutes, laboratories and pharmacies, which are available to its members. Therefore, Clalit members can receive the range of medical services they require easily and conveniently, without unnecessary bureaucracy (all the medical information, including test results and imaging films, is available in the online personal file) and without the need for a Form 17 (payment voucher).

Clalit also operates 40 child health centers daily between 07:00 a.m. and 19:00 p.m. and 40 women's health centers. It is also the only HMO that operates a 24 hour nurse's call center and provides videochat services of an on-line pediatrician after hours.

Generally, Clalit leads in digital services and availability to members through various mobile applications, the most comprehensive information health website in Israel, scheduling appointments without a password, and receiving test results and summaries of visits to specialists. To move to Clalit Healthcare Services at a single click, visit the joining web page or call the customer service center at *2700.

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