Memory is similar to air for breathing! It is taken for granted. We use it every moment of our lives, but are aware of it only when it refuses to put a name at the tip of the tongue or reveal where we placed our keys.

The Memory Clinic at Loewenstein Hospital offers diagnosis and treatment to improve the memory in various daily activities, at home, at work and at school.

The clinic treats healthy people who experience deteriorated memory function over the years, and people with memory problems against a neurological background (neurological diseases, a stroke, traumatic brain injuries) arrive at the clinic at their own initiative or by referral from all the healthcare organizations, the Ministry of Defense or insurance companies.

"In the first stage, we perform an evaluation procedure of 2-4 meetings of about 45 minutes, which include an introductory discussion to understand the reason for the referral and the difficulties, and for memory diagnosis," says the clinic director and memory disorder specialist, Liat Livni-Doron, M.Sc.OT. "The number of meetings depends on the evaluation procedure and varies according to the patient's needs."

In the second stage, a decision is made regarding the therapeutic intervention, which includes meetings devoted to instilling strategies to improve memory and assimilating them in daily functioning. In addition, group therapy to improve memory consisting of 10 meetings and 10 participants is also offered.

"The memory clinic is one of several clinics operating at Loewenstein Hospital's occupational therapy institute," states the occupational therapy services director and cognitive disorder specialist, Sarah Averbuch, M.Sc.OT. "We've developed advanced treatment methods, accumulated experience and gained a reputation of decades in Israel and across the globe.”

The service is provided in Hebrew, Russian, English, Spanish, Arabic and Romanian.

To schedule an appointment with the specialist, please call 09-7709003.

Address: Loewenstein Hospital, 248 Ahuza Street, Ra'anana.


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