Nurses and medical data center *2700

Only in CLALIT! An information center manned 24 hours a day by certified nurses. The nurses have undergone special training in order to provide you with responses in a variety of fields: consulting and classification, providing explanations about symptoms, diseases, medicines and more.

The 65+ gold line

CLALIT always considers your family's health and makes sure you and your family receive the best possible service. Therefore we offer you a telephone line in the customer service center. The line is manned by nurses and social workers specialized in the elderly care and they will gladly assist you in any problem or medical issue.

For the service please dial *2700 from any telephone.
The line operates during week days (Sundays - Thursdays) between 16:00 and 21:00 hours.

The oncology center

The center is intended for oncology patients and is manned by a staff of qualified and professional nurses, who will assist you with any problem, pain or question.

Every approach to the center will be documented and transferred to your personal file for the sake of the following treatment by the family physician and the team in charge of your treatment,in cooperation with the Davidoff center, the Rabin medical center and the Israeli cancer association.

Office hours:

  • Sunday- Thursday 18:00- 24:00
  • Weekend, Friday 13:00- 24:00
  • Saturday 8:00-24:00
  • Telephone number: *9585

Thus, by dialing *2700 once you can receive assistance and information by:

  • Scheduling appointments for specialized medicine
  • Information and service center, including information about "life style" products and public applications
  • The CLALIT MUSHLAM center
  • The CLALIT ABROAD center
  • The CLALIT internet support center

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