Clalit owns and operates eight general hospitals with approximately 4,400 beds – one third of the acute hospital beds in Israel, and a total of over 5,500 beds in all categories. The hospitals, some of which are the largest in Israel, offer a full range of outpatient care provided by highly trained and dedicated physicians, many ofwhom are internationaly renown.

All Clalit hospitals have emergency rooms for casualties and acute illnesses, as well as outpatient departments for consultation and follow-up. They have day care centers, clinical pathology laboratories and imaging departments, which include X-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI facilities. Many are involved in various aspects of community medicine, including home dialysis and preventive screening

Clalit members are entitled to free of charge hospitalization. In some areas of the country the Clalit hospital is the only hospital, and there it serves the entire population, Clalit members and non-members alike. All Clalit hospitals are affiliated with the medical schools of Israel’s universities, which serve as training centers for the new generation of physicians

Clalit hospitals have long been pioneers in the advancement of organ transplant operations, and serve a major role in the national program for these procedures

Clalit Health Services has a nationwide network of general and specialized hospitals.

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