Medical insurance - who do we pay and how?

This question is addressed by the national public medical insurance law.

The insurance fees are charged by the national insurance institution- the social security service (Bituah Leumi). The premiums are established by law and cannot be changed by the HMOs (the providers of medical services). The total sum of the contribution is deducted from the salary and is not transferred directly to the HMOs but to the state treasury, which distributes the total sum between the different HMO in compliance with the law.

Are there any more financial fees, except for the legal obligation?

The national insurance law establishes the services provided with personal financial deductible of the customer. In addition, the Knesset has approved in 1998 a charging program which establishes the personal deductible in the following cases:

  • A visit to a hospital clinic
  • A visit to clinics including hearing and sight (and also the services of a dietician, physiotherapy, x-ray, computer simulation etc.)
  • Appointments with specialists (except for the family physician, the pediatrician and the gynecologist)

The payment can be done in the clinics, prior to receiving the service or thfough a standing order, after receiving the service.

Additional information about the paid services can be viewed:

  • In the CLALIT clinics
  • In the customer service center, by dialing *2700 from any telephone

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