What is stated in the public medical health insurance law?


The public medical health insurance law was established on January 1, 1995. The law stipulates that the state is responsible for insuring health of all its residents within the framework of the "medical services package", which is equally provided to anyone regardless of his/her creed, gender and financial status.

The law establishes a unified "services package", which includes treatment, services and medications, which are provided by the HMOs to their customers. The expansion of the "medication and technologies' package" outside of the legal limit, can be performed only by the "package" expansion committee commissioned by the ministry of health.

However, CLALIT customers can, for additional fee, purchase additional medical services which are not included in the initial "package" (part 5 of this brochure, which describes the most profitable complementary medicine program in Israel - CLALIT MUSHLAM).

The "Medication Package"

In addition to the "medical services package" there also exists a government subsidized "medication package" to which every resident is entitled. This package is unified for all the existing HMOs and the prerogative to make any changes or additions to its composition belongs to the ministry of health and the ministry of finance.

Important information

"CLALIT MUSHLAM" offers you discounts for a wide range of medications not included in the "services package", which can be purchased in the CLALIT pharmacies.

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