Are you planning to move to a new place of residence soon? Let us know.

 Why is it important for me to inform Clalit about my intention to change address?

Moving to a new apartment, especially if the transition involves a change of the area of residence, requires a countless amount of arrangements with the various authorities. Clalit wants to make your transition as easy as possible and we promise you and your family to continue with the best possible service and, if necessary, to maintain treatment continuity for your family.

How do I inform Clalit about my change of address?

It's simple: Fill in the attached document and a representative from Clalit will get in touch with you during the next two weeks. Our representative will assist you in choosing suitable services in your new residential area and if necessary he/she will assist you to quickly transfer your medical file to the new clinic, without any expenses and to your full satisfaction.

Is it possible to update the address by phone?

Certainly, for more details please dial *2700 for our customer service.



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