Clalit Mushlam Platinum’s insurance plan offers comprehensive medical coverage for the family at an affordable price, requires no health declaration, and has no age limit.

Plan holders enjoy unique services and additional discounts on already-discounted Clalit Mushlam Zahav services:

Substantial benefits on dental care, optics for kids, comprehensive pregnancy coverage, private surgical procedures and aesthetic treatments, convalescence pay for mothers from their firstborn onwards, egg donation from abroad, ambulance costs contribution, and more.

We have recently upgraded our plan for your benefit, and added considerable perks to our services:

  • Pregnancy checkups – an additional discount on the already reduced Platinum price.
  • Private surgical procedures in Israel –the deductible was set at 1,500 NIS at the most.
  • Implants – the reimbursement cap was pushed up to 6,000$.
  • Orthodontics for kids up to 18 –the discount was raised to 60%.
  • Dental care preservation treatments for kids up to 18 – the qualification period was reduced to 3 months.

Mushlam Platinum is better than ever, and that is a fact.

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