The CLALIT abroad insurance provides, through "CLAL insurance for travelers abroad", the widest and the most price attractive coverage:

  • 10%-25% discount for CLALIT MUSHLAM customers
  • Medical expenses, including the coverage for an existing illness
  • Medical flight
  • The losses for the flight ticket
  • Deposit loss, shortening the trip, trip cancelation
  • Escort travel
  • Earthquake danger
  • Insurance for cases of death or disability due to an injury
  • Personal possessions insurance*
  • Extreme sports*
  • Locating and rescue*
  • Pregnancy defects coverage ut to the 30th week*
  • Coverage for HIV carriers and AIDS patients*
  • The Israeli doctor around the world service, through the "second opinion" medical Tel.
  • The general extreme program- coverage up to 850,000$ which includes 120,000$ locating and rescuing and the coverage of extreme sports within the insurance frame at the most affordable price for a period of up to 2 years.

*Additional fee, subjected to the general health policy terms.

How to purchase the CLALIT ABROAD insurance policy?

  • By your credit card, through the telephone center *2700
  • In the CLALIT clinics on the CLALIT internet site

*Featuring additional fee, subjected to the general insurance policy

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