Personal data update - important both for you and your family!

Our request an occasionally update of your personal information.

This is done for your personal benefit so that you will be able to make full use of the services, institutes and clinics provided to you by CLALIT, including the special benefits granted to you by the CLALIT team, so you can enjoy the service and a considerable financial saving.

Here are a few examples demonstrating the importance of personal data update in order to maintain the direct connection between us:

  • Information about new clinics opening close to your place of residence which will allow you to save time and energy travelling to distant places.
  • Information about new doctors who can provide you with medical services and expend your choice options.
  • Information about the special discount you are entitled to and which can save you a lot of the financial expenses.
  • Information about new services available for you.
  • Information and direction which can optimize your treatment in terms of speed, professionalism and usefulness.
  • Information about the services you can receive through the internet, directly to your home, instead of going all the way to the clinic.

If those and a wide range of other services are important to you - it is important to remember to update your personal information.
This matter is of utmost importance if you are a CLALIT MUSHLAM customer, in which case, using the services and the many benefits allows you to save a lot of the expenses and provide your family with the most comprehensive medical treatment.

Therefore, if you have changed your address, or email address, or if you have a new telephone or cell phone number, it's in your best interest to update us about the change. It is so easy and simple…

The update can be done whenever and wherever you want:

  • One click for our internet website
  • One simple dial from any telephone - *2700 to the customer service center
  • Filling out the information form we send you from time to time

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