CLALIT invites you to enjoy a wide range of digital services:

  • Managing personal medical and family information
  • Scheduling appointments with family physicians, pediatricians, consulting doctors and pregnancy escort nurses
  • Consulting with specialists by internet video chat- via telephone, email and specialists' forums
  • Receiving lab results with clarifications

Great, what do I have to do?

In order to enjoy this innovative service you need to receive a password. In order to do that all you have to do is arrive at the clinic and present the magnetic card and your I.D. After signing the join request you will receive a temporary secret personal password, which will be changed to a permanent one with the first login to the service and so will the user code, which with the password and your I.D, will allow you to use the mentioned services.

Is password necessary?

Certainly. The medical information is very sensitive and we are obligated to maintain your privacy. Therefore, our communication is secured and encoded.

By signing the sign request to CLALIT on-line, you agree and commit to take the reasonable precautions in order to protect your personal password and user code for the sake of preventing the possibility of their use without your authorization and also declaring that might such circumstances occur and you are aware of an unauthorized use of your password and code without your permission and/or knowledge, you will inform CLALIT of the matter and will thus be relieved of any responsibility and/or obligation until further information.

At the end of any use of this service you are solely responsible to remove the data and/or identification information and/or any other data that might allow an unauthorized access to the data and/or service and CLALIT is not liable to any responsibility and/or obligation for that.

Is this service also intended for my children?

The mentioned services can be granted and/or performed for you and for your children, who are yet to reach 16 years and this in compliance with the use you are authorized to, with yours and your minor children's magnetic cards and under the restrictions which exist on the data by the self service lab results system- all within the framework of the law and in compliance with CLALIT decisions. The stated above does not in any way diminish your legal right to receive data and/or information concerning your minor children (under the age of 18), outside the frame of this service.

Each parent is entitled to an access to information about his children, including granting the access password to each of the parents (excluding the cases in which a parent has been deprived of his guardianship or has restricted rights, as it concerns the medical data and the information has been reported to the HMO).

CLALIT will also be exonerated of any liability and/or obligation for any damage that might be caused to you and/or the members of your family and/or any other third party as a result of an information transfer and/or malfunction and/or disruption and/or as a result of using the personal password and the user code, whether it has been done with your authorization or without it, excluding any use of your signature that has been done within 12 hours since the moment you informed us of an unauthorized use.

The stated information does not, in any case, come to replace any apply for counseling and/or medical treatment according to the rising need.

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