It is now possible for new immigrants to become CLALIT customers directly upon arriving to Israel - at the Ben Gurion airport.

From December 7, 2010, new immigrants are granted with the possibility to join the CLALIT medical services directly upon arriving to Israel, in the Ben- Gurion airport.

The registration is held by a representative of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption during the legal documentation process. It is necessary to inform him about the decision to join the CLALIT HMO.

It is important to notice that you can also register to CLALIT or make a transfer from another HMO in any post office branch (Bank ha- Doar). The registration procedure at the airport (as opposed to the post office) is free of charge.

From the moment of your registration you and your family are immediately affirmed as CLALIT customers.

Important facts about CLALIT


It is important to learn the following information before your arrival to the country:

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Why should you and your family join Clalit?

Because Clalit is the best choice for you and most families choose Clalit.

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