The National Health Insurance Law set the services which require a deductible rate. Moreover, in 1998 the Knesset approved a program which establishes a deductible rate for the following:

  • Outpatient clinics in hospitals
  • Institutes, including vision and hearing institutes, diet services, physiotherapy, radiography, simulations and more
  • Appointments with specialized doctors (family physicians, gynecologists and pediatricians- excluded)

The payment can be performed in the clinics, before receiving the service or by means of authorization for standing orders after receiving the service.
You can find the information about the various paid services in:

  • CLALIT clinics
  • On our internet site
  • The customer service center *2700 - dial from any telephone

The services that require toll fee include: specialized doctors, dietitians, outpatients clinics and institutes, hospitals, private institutes, community institutes, physiotherapy, simulation, occupational therapy.


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