Terms of Use

The terms of use for the Clalit site and forums- and privacy protection policy

Please read carefully: these terms conduct the basic guidelines for using the Clalit site, the Clalit forums and the Clalit interactive magazine, "20 plus". These are the terms you have to agree to when you sign in the Clalit forums' community- using the site and its services serves as an agreement to the terms. Enjoy!

General terms of use

The information and the tips offered on the Clalit site and forums are served to you as general information only. They do not substitute for professional counseling or a doctor's appointment and are not to be mistaken for a "medical diagnosis", "medical opinion", "medical treatment recommendation" or for a "medical treatment". In any case of a medical problem or the possibility of one, it is necessary to schedule a doctor's appointment.

Press here for scheduling a doctor's appointment, no password required.
Press here for scheduling a doctor's appointment in Clalit.

In any case of an urgent problem, an emergency situation or a distress (mental or physical) – we urge you to seek medical attention from your attending doctor, the emergency ward in the closest hospital or Magen David Adom (using the emergency dial 101, from anywhere in the country).

By using the forum or the site, the user gives up on any lawsuit, demand or claim of any kind towards the Clalit medical services and/ or the stuff of writers/ editors/ advisers for the site.

Please notice that using the various options of public sites such as facebook, twitter etc., might create a possibility of shared information. Thus it's recommended not to share personal or sensitive information on those sites.

Terms of use of the forum community

In addition to the stated above, the usage of the Clalit forum community is subjected to these additional terms and the following statement and obligations:

Clalit offers the users of the forum services the option to consult with the forums' moderators under the stated above conditions. The can also converse with each other, exchange information and response to messages sent by other users.

Commercial advertising on the Clalit forums, is forbidden, and we are doing the best we can to prevent any usage for the forums for commercial advertising. Nevertheless, Clalit is not responsible for the content of the users messages or the opinions, content, commercial information which might be uploaded by the users.

Clalit is not responsible for the users' reactions and/or responses and/or any kind of usage of the messages which are being uploaded by the users of the forums.

The forums are open for the use of any surfer of the Clalit site, but the moderators, at their sole discretion, can erase and/or limit the option to access the forums and/or limit the authorization for writing messages and responses in certain forums.

A declaration and commitment to the Clalit forum community:

By posting a message to the Clalit forum community I hereby agree to the terms of use of the Clalit forum community and declare and commit to the non false threat content which does not contain false alerts and does not create a false impression about my physical or mental condition- the message does not include incitement, libel or slander which exceed the common good sense.

I'm aware of the fact that suicidal messages or those which include content which might be interpreted to contain a high potential for a physical threat to myself or another person, can be transferred to the relevant legal and medical instances which are able to identify and locate the sender.

I am aware of my sole responsibility for exposing any personal information on the forum and of the fact that Clalit does not hold responsibility for any sort of utilization of it.

By posting messages in the Clalit forum community I hereby declare that I am aware of the fact that the use of the Clalit forum community is subjected to the Israeli law and I'm legally responsible for the content and responses I choose to post on the site, whether I'm a registered user or a visitor.
I'm also aware that if a deviation from these rules might occur, the appropriate instances will be able to track me and apply counter measures.


Full copyrights and intellectual property, including names and trademarks, comprising the site, the advertised content of Clalit medical services and any program, computer codes, applications, graphic files, text and any other material comprising the site- belong to Clalit services, only. Copying, distribution, reffering to a third party or displaying it in public, without receiving, in advance, a written agreement on behalf of Clalit services, is strictly forbidden.

Privacy and data protection policy

Clalit is taking all the necessary precautions to insure the protection of your information, which, by law, is classified as "privileged information".
We treat the data protection issue in many different layers, as will be expanded below.

Your medical information is collected to the Clalit data systems for the sole purpose of your treatment. All the information is stored in the Clalit server farms and also in other Clalit data systems, protected by the most advanced means of protection.

The access and management of your information is granted under a strict authorization system solely to the medical staff and relevant personnel, who are responsible for your treatment in the clinics, institutes and hospitals.

The access to your information in the Clalit data systems is monitored and controlled at all times. There is a possibility to view at any given point the information about the people reviewing or making any kind of modifications to it.

The data protection policy is being followed by Clalit and its purpose is to maintain a connection between the Clalit personnel so they are able to protect the information within the existing information channels (data systems, semantic data, and documents). The entire Clalit personnel are being constantly guided and briefed on the subject.
Your personal information is not to be transferred to a third party unless it is necessary for your treatment or a fulfillment of a legal obligation.
In a case of a transition of your personal information to a third party, Clalit makes sure that the third party receives comprehensive security tests and the commits to the protection of your personal information.

The information is to stay in the possession of a third party only under legal restriction concerning the preservation of medical information and/ or the law and information technologies authority in the ministry of justice.

Clalit has a higher ethics committee for the data protection and its duty is to determine the means of protection of your information. The committee operates by the power of data protection laws and regulations, which have been constituted in the state of Israel, and its decisions are made according to the law.

Clalit also features a legal entity "The data commissioner" which duty is to preserve the process of securing and protecting your personal data- within the boundaries of the Clalit data protection policy, the ethics committee regulations and the legal guidelines.

If you have any ground to suspect a breach or any other shortage or deficiency in your personal data within the Clalit system, you can contact the Clalit ombudsman via email: pniot@clalit.org.il or fax: 03-7605773

If you have chosen to address the ombudsman, the complaint is to be attached to a detailed request for the information update- and, if necessary, the relevant documents- so Clalit may take the needed and legal steps towards the data update.

Your information is safe and protected with us, however, the data which is stored in your computer or your cellular phone, should also be protected for it is your responsibility to protect it. For this purpose, we recommend you to use the necessary data protection tools (antivirus programs, "firewall", codes and encodings and data encryption). Additional information: The manual for data protection on the net.

If you have any questions concerning your data protection in Clalit, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our address: infosec@clalit.org.il

In order to contact our editors: 20Plus-Editor@clalit.org.il

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