Your Customer Card

Your customer card in CLALIT is essentially your ID, which provides you a discreet and effective service. Every time you arrive to one of CLALIT's clinics, pharmacies and institutes, all you have to do is show your customer card, which is personal and is not transferable to another person.
In case you do not have a customer card, or if it was lost, please approach the clinic office in any of the CLALIT clinics.

New in CLALIT – the Fast Track

The easiest way for payments, refunds and information using your customer card


COMFORT – The Fast Track Decreases the waiting time at the clinic office.
A standing order will charge your fee and other payments (for medicines, workshops, travel insurance, etc.), and you won't have to wait in the clinic office.

SAVING MONEY – The Fast Track allows you to pay no more than the maximum family payment. (164 NIS for a calendar quarter per family, 82 NIS for a calendar quarter per family over the age of 65). Customers who have been charged for using services will be credited automatically for payments above the maximal family payment.

EFFICIENCY – When visiting a consultant doctor, you won't need to visit the clinic office in advance. Visiting an independent consultant doctor you won't have to pay the doctor in cash or check. This way the doctor does not have to dedicate his attention to dealing with the financial aspects, and can dedicate his full attention to you.

CENTRALIZING - All charges for the services consumed during a given month are merged into one payment. In case you are eligible for refunds – they will be passed directly to your bank account. From now on, you don't have to pay for each service separately. Through the Fast Track, customers who have a standing order can pay once, in the beginning of the following month for the last one.

TRANSPARENCY – You will receive a quarterly information page with all the services and payments (including CLALIT MUSHLAM) for the whole family. You will receive by mail,  1-2 months after each quarter, an information page detailing the services you will have received, your payments to CLALIT for the whole family, and the CLALIT MUSHLAM charges.

In the future, you will be able to view your monthly bill via the web. In order to join the service, reach the clinic office, fill in the standing order and receive this easy, convenient and efficient service.

Get a password today, in a matter of a minute, by the clinic staff, and enjoy the benefits of the on-line advanced services.

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